Wooden 3D coloring puzzles

eco-friendly wooden coloring puzzles
Superimposition of one part on another creates a three-dimensional picture with interesting details while coloring the layers of the structure becomes the final stage.
3D coloring puzzles represent a wooden product consisting of several layers
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Interior panels form special style of your home
an exciting journey into wildlife
Interior panels form special style of your home
an exciting journey into wildlife

Harbingers of miracle
feel magic atmosphere with a line of fabulous toys and please your loved ones
Harbingers of miracle
feel magic atmosphere with a line of fabulous toys and please your loved ones

World of animals
constructor set in form of favorite animals
World of animals
constructor set in form of favorite animals
Set content
Patterns made of dried birch will become the basis for future art piece
Set content
Hypoallergenic paints based on pigments and water-acrylic dispersion
Acrylic paints
Set content
Professional PVC glue
Set content
Acrylic varnish fixes paints on the finished painting. Paints should dry completely within 2-3 hours, afterwards it is necessary to varnish the entire canvas
Acrylic varnish
Set content
A detailed step-by-step description of the drawing process and content of the creative set
Each set contains everything you need to create your masterpiece. We are incredibly attentive to the selection and quality of all materials.
Hobby is the energy that lights fire in the eyes and becomes a significant part of our life. With Varvikas you will hear the needs of your soul, know how to immerse yourself in an exciting journey called "favorite hobby".
We are working to make your hobby passionate
An endless path to the best version of yourself, no matter if you are a sophisticated expert or a dreamy amateur. It makes you happier day by day, giving you exceptional moments filled with a special meaning of creation. When you create something fundamentally new and unique, there is a desire to share it with the world, with your loved ones, giving them a piece of your soul. We are inspired by the masterpieces of art world and the successes of emerging artists. We empower others, giving them the opportunity to reveal different personality facets.
We are convinced that everyone is talented
We know that you want to make your loved ones happy. Varvikas makes it even easier and more exciting. After all, each arts&crafts set is a fantastic gift.
With our products, it is so easy to go beyond the ordinary, arranging an unforgettable holiday for yourself or for your loved ones.
Here is a whole palette of trends, styles and designs — choose and enjoy, giving yourself and your special ones hobby kits, to your first teacher or your girlfriend as well.
We share priceless moments of creativity
Our products will become your favorite element of decor. Paintings with gentle ballerinas will decorate kid's nursery, pop art collection will place the right accents in the loft of an ambitious millennial while paintings with cities of the world will take you from house party straight to the streets of Paris.
We help to focus on your special style of the interior
For Varvikas company art is not a hobby, but the philosophy of the brand. Designers follow trends and create iconic collaborations with internationally famous artists: Richard McNeil, Olga Legeida, Elena Vavilova, Leonid Afremov, Sienna Summers by transferring their plots to canvases of paintings by numbers and diamond paintings.
We support ECO-trend and stand guard over ecology. That determines that our picture stretchers are made of dried pine, easels of beech and packaging is made of craft paper. In production processes we use oak, hardboard, polystyrene and Spanish merino wool. These are eco-friendly and wear-resistant materials that have been approved by international certification ILAC (Australia), SGS (Switzerland), ISO (UK).
Our advertising department gives 20—years warranty on products to each retail customer and we are ready to exchange goods or send missing parts regardless date of purchase.
The company doesn’t stagnate and strives for new projects every day. Therefore, our main value is detailed study of plots by designers of our ART laboratory. The team adjusts all the details manually at macro and micro levels, artists carefully select colors and shades. This crafting process brings plots to perfection.
We collaborate with artists
We use ECO-materials
We carefully monitor quality
We are working on plots
  • Elena
    This puzzle is wonderful, very good packaging- for a gift it is perfect. We finished it together with my granddaughter of 7 years, then painted, and the child had same fun as grandmother)
  • Lydia
    A good constructor set. All details are perfectly cut and perfectly fit together. My child assembled himself and painted it. It turned out to be an interesting and high-quality toy
  • Galina
    A good idea for spending time together with whole family. Three boys of 80, 31 and 3.5 years old gathered together. Everyone liked it. I will definitely order a similar constructor again.
  • Anastasia
    Super puzzles, my child liked it so much, even though he is not creative. Now he asks me for a tank. Thank you for a good toy and vivid memories when he grows up. I recommend it to all parents, assembled in 20 minutes, all details are cut out, you need to unpack it and assemble by inserting into slots and paint, paints and brush are in the set, we also glued it with our own glue
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Our kits come in giftable boxes with EN, DE, FR, IT, ES texts and user manuals in 15 languages
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