Miniature house sets
History of creation
Roombox is a construction kit for creating a miniature doll house. You will find everything you need for work in the kit. You can assemble a surprisingly detailed room interior with scissors and glue. Each piece of furniture is assembled from wooden and paper elements. The finishing touch will be to install miniature lamps powered by batteries.
What is a roombox?
The legend tells that a long time ago, in one of small German towns, there lived a poor carpenter who fell in love with a daughter of a rich count. She reciprocated him. However, her father categorically opposed the relationship of the young couple, obliging his daughter to marry the son of a local rich noble prince. The girl shed tears and wanted to commit suicide. Her father, the count, did not want this, because he loved his daughter very much. He met with a young carpenter and told him: "If you can build a comfortable house in a week, I will agree to give you my daughter."
There is a beautiful love story behind the roombox creation
All members of the count's family were delighted with this exquisite comfortable house which was absolutely similar to a real house. The count kept his promise and allowed the carpenter to marry his daughter. The creative work of a young carpenter on a miniature house became evidence of love for his soulmate. Since then Roombox idea, miniature house, began to develop and spread all over the world. This exquisite hobby is considered as creative elegant gift filled with their love and bright thoughts.
A week later, a young carpenter came to the count with a miniature house in his hand
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Now you are just a click away from becoming an artist, a crafter or puzzle guru!
Do you dream of a "miniature" business?
Have you ever thought of a small business. With a new collection of roomboxes it's real.
Do you dream of a "miniature" business?
With a new collection of roomboxes it's real

Feel the cozy atmosphere
Feel the cozy atmosphere, easily create your own miniature world.
Feel the cozy atmosphere
easily constructing your own mini world

Favorite city rhythm
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the atmosphere over a cup of fragrant coffee, flipping through the pages of your favorite books.
Favorite city rhythm
take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the atmosphere over a cup of fragrant coffee, flipping through the pages of your favorite books

Have you ever thought about something unusual?
What about a camper van, for example?
Have you ever thought about something unusual?
for example, about a mobile home?
What about a dream city vibe?
This dream city collection is something that makes you feel like you are in a dream? What do you think?
Set content
A wooden box made of stencils is filled with elements inside. Dozens paper and textiles, plastic or cardboard ready made elements can easily turn into a mini lamp, kitchen chair or any other decorative item, just with the help of glue and scissors. The variety of shapes, colors and textures place the necessary design accents, set the style and mood of the roombox
Set content
Stencil sheets of dried birch which will become the basis for the future roombox
Materials for the case
Set content
Finished roombox is not only an interesting decorative element in interior decor. Thanks to lights, a cozy house turns into a magical night lamp.
LED backlight
Set content
A detailed step-by-step description of the assembly process of elements and its installation procedure.
Instruction manual
Each set contains everything you need to create your masterpiece. We are incredibly attentive to the selection and quality of all materials.
Roombox assembling process
Our philosophy
Hobby is an energy that lights fire in your eyes and becomes a significant part of our life. With Protsvetnoy, you will hear your soul aspirations, know how to immerse yourself in an exciting journey called "favorite hobby.
We are working to make your hobby inspiring
It represents an endless path to the best version of yourself, no matter if you are a sophisticated expert or a dreamy amateur. It makes you happier day by day, giving exceptional moments filled with a special meaning of creative process. When you create something fundamentally new and unique, there is a desire to share it with the world, with your loved ones, giving them a piece of your soul. We are inspired by masterpieces of world art and successes of emerging artists. We empower others, sharing the opportunity to reveal different facets of personality.
We are convinced that everyone is talented
We know that you want to make your loved ones happy. It is even easier and more exciting to do with the products of the TM Tsvetnoy brand. After all, each creativity set is a fantastic gift.

With our products, it is so easy to go beyond the ordinary, arranging an unforgettable holiday for yourself or for your loved ones.

Here is a whole palette of directions, styles and designs — choose and enjoy, presenting yourself and your loved ones creativity sets, regardless it's your first teacher or your girlfriend.
We offer priceless moments of creativity
Our products will become a favorite element of your decor. Stories with gentle ballerinas will decorate the baby's nursery, a pop art collection will place the right accents in the loft of an ambitious millennial, and paintings with cities of the world will take you from a house party straight to the streets of Paris.
We help to focus on a special style of the interior decor
Why choose us?
Why choose us?
For Protsvetnoy company art is not a hobby, but the philosophy of the brand. Designers follow trends and create iconic collaborations with world-famous artists such as Richard McNeil, Olga Legeida, Elena Vavilova, Leonid Afremov, Sienna Summers, transferring their ideas to canvases of paintings by numbers and diamond paintings.
We support the ECO-trend and stand guard over ecology. Therefore, the paintings’ stretchers are made of dried pine, the easels -of beech, and the packaging is realized in craft paper. In the production processes we use oak, hardboard, polystyrene and Spanish merino wool. These materials are eco-friendly and wear-resistant, approved by international certification ILAC (Australia), SGS (Switzerland), ISO (UK).
The advertising department gives a 20—year warranty on the products to each retail customer and is ready to exchange products or send the missing pieces regardless of the date of purchase of the goods.
The company does not stand still and strives for new every day. Thus, our main value is a detailed study of the plots by the designers of ART lab. Adjusting all the details manually at macro and micro levels, the artists carefully select colors and shades. This crafting process brings the plots to perfection.
We collaborate with artists
We use ECO-materials
We carefully monitor the quality
We are working on the plots
  • Marina
    I bought it at the request of my daughter 17 years old! She's a lover of such things. If you buy it for  a child 8-10 years old, parents need to be ready to assemble this beauty together with their children. Very painstaking work! The details are tiny. But if you like it, then you will get a real pleasure!
  • Anna
    Everything came in well-packed . A very interesting idea for those who love and know how to work assiduously with creativity. For a child of 8 years old, the instruction will be like a Chinese letter, this is for children much older, so there is nothing to do without parents, you will have to assemble and puff, step by step. I've got  a little problem for me. I don't know what we'll do, we won't do it soon for sure
  • Maria
    I appreciated the quality of the parts and clear instructions, everything is well packed, the kit includes some tools and glue, but for convenience you may need others (wire cutters, a stationery knife, manicure and large scissors, even a lighter), be prepared for this. Assembling process is awesome.
  • Daria
    I am an old fan of all kinds of constructors, so my review is full of delight. everything is fine here: from the idea to the realization. Instructions are clear, details are in full. the only unpleasant thing is that the clay has dried up, but I used a different material, so the impression is not spoiled. There are a lot of small details, so, in my opinion, this constructor is more for adults, or for very assiduous children.
  • Julia
    The box came without scratches and not crumpled, it is very interesting to assemble , it can take up to 5 evenings . The whole set is miniature and realistic. I am completely satisfied with the purchase
  • Marina
    I bought it as a gift, my friend is very pleased. He said that he did not want to work anymore, but wanted to sit in the evenings and assemble this house. In fact, the miniature is quite difficult to assemble, not for children, that's for sure. Let's see what happens in the end. Meanwhile the "construction" stage is underway.