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User agreement

The present document «User Agreement» (hereinafter - «Agreement») is an offer of the website owner - Varvikas OÜ, posted on the site (hereinafter - «Site»), to conclude the Contract on the following conditions:

1. General rules

1.1. You hereby confirm that starting from the moment of registration on the Site and during the time of use of the Site, as well as personalized services of the Site, You are treated as a User of the Site till the moment of Your personal application to the administration of the Site with the requirement to renounce any relationship with the Site.

1.2. Your use of the Site in any way and in any form within the limits of its declared functionalities, including

a) watching of materials posted on the Site;

b) registration and/or authorization on the Site;

c) the placement or display on the Site of any material, including but not limited to texts, hypertext links, images, audio and video files, data and/or any other types of info

is treated as conclusion of an agreement subject to regulations stated in the present Agreement and corresponding laws of Estonia.

1.3. By taking any of the above mentioned options provided by the Site you confirm that

a) you are fully aware of the terms of this Agreement before starting to use the Site;

b) accept all the terms of this Agreement in their entirety, without any exceptions or restrictions on your part, and undertake to respect them or to cease using the Site. If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement or are not entitled to conclude a contract on the basis thereof, you should immediately cease any use of the Site;

b) The Agreement (including any part thereof) may be amended by the Site without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force as of the moment it is posted on the Site or is brought to the attention of the User in other convenient form, unless otherwise stated by the new version of the Agreement.

2. General conditions of use of the Site.

2.1. The website (owner of the Site) sells the product through the website and related services of the Site.

2.2. The site (owner of the Site) delivers goods on conditions defined in Part 3 of this Agreement.

2.3. The site provides access to personalized services of the Site aimed to deliver the most complete information on goods of Your interest, creating ratings and opinions, participation in competitive programs and other events conducted by the Site (owner of the Site).

2.4. You hereby give Your free consent to inform You of all events on the Site related to the sale of goods and/or rendering of services, including the completion status of Your order, as well as other events of any nature related to the services of the Site.

2.5. Consent to receive a mailing list.
By subscribing to the SMS- and email- list of the Site or third parties authorized to email on behalf of the Site on the Internet, you agree to receive the newsletter to the telephone number and e-mail address, as specified by you when subscribing via the newsletter subscription service on the Site. In case you intend to refuse the informational mailing of the Site, you need to independently proceed to the link «Unsubscribe the newsletter» specified in the text of the messages sent by the Site from the e-mail address, or to inform the owner of the Site on your rejection to receive a newsletter. You also give Your permission to the Site or to third parties authorized to distribute on behalf of the Site, to collect, store and process all personal information provided by you to the Site (including name, first name, patronymic and e-mail address) to inform about news and other events of the Site.

2.6. You agree that the Site shall not be responsible for any delay, malfunction, incorrect or untimely delivery, removal or failure of any notice. The Site reserves the right to repeat any notification in the event of your failure to receive it.

2.7. You can ask all questions about information support at

2.8. You acknowledge that the description of goods posted on the Site is not intended to be exhaustive and may contain some inaccuracies. You are entitled to send all comments on the inaccurate description of the goods to the Site at

2.9. You acknowledge that the Site makes sufficient efforts to ensure that the outlook, packaging and characteristics of the goods correspond to the description given in the catalog of the Site. Moreover the Site informs you that the actual outlook, packaging and characteristics of the goods may differ from these descriptions in the case of assorted goods, as well as in the case of introduction changes to the product directly by the manufacturer.

2.10. You are well informed that the price and availability of the goods on the Site are updated 24 hours a day without prior notice and are indicated in the individual status and detailed product card shown in the catalog on the Site.

3. Obligations of the User connected to the Site use.

3.1. You agree to refrain from the Site services use for the following purpose:

3.1.1. downloading content that is illegal, violating any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination on racial, national, sexual, religious, social grounds; contains unreliable information and/or insults directed at specific persons, organizations or authorities;

3.1.2. incitement to commit unlawful acts and to assist persons whose actions are aimed at violation of the restrictions and prohibitions applicable on the territory of Estonia;

3.1.3. violations of the rights of juvenile and/or any kind of harm to them;

3.1.4. violations of minority rights;.

3.1.5. impersonating another person or a representative of a company and/or a community without sufficient rights, including the Site staff;

3.1.6. misconceptions about the properties and characteristics of any goods from the catalog placed on the Site; incorrect comparisons of goods, as well as negative attitude towards persons (not) using certain goods or the conviction of such persons;

3.1.7. downloading content that you are not entitled to disclose under Estonian law or any contractual relationship;

3.1.8. downloading content referring and/or including a patent, trademark, trade secret, trade name, copyright and other related rights, as well as other intellectual rights owned or legally used by third parties;

3.1.9. download of advertising information and/or spam not specifically allowed;

3.1.10. collection and processing of personal data and information about the private life of any person;

3.1.11. disorder of normal Site function;

3.1.12. violations of Estonian or international law.

3.2. You agree not to use offensive words, obscene or offensive images, comparisons or expressions on the Web site, including in relation to sex, race, nationality, occupation, social category, age, language of man and citizen, and organizations, authorities, official state symbols (flags, stamps, hymns),religious symbols and cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments).

3.3. You acknowledge and agree that the Site is entitled but not obliged to refuse, at its discretion, any posting and/or delete any content being posted through the Site’s services.

4. Privacy policy

4.1. The terms of the Privacy Policy and the relationship between You and the Site related to the processing of personal data are subject to regulation by applicable legal acts on personal information.

4.2. The Privacy Policy is applicable to personal information that received by the Site or may be received from You when registering and/or placing an order on the Site, and is required to fulfill the obligations of the Site related to the goods/services You purchase and/or Your access to the services of the Site.

4.3. Privacy policy is available at

5. Terms of purchase and delivery of goods.

5.1. You can purchase and pay for the goods on the Site by the following payment methods: cash, credit card, electronic money, mobile phone account, bank transfer on receipt, gift certificate.

5.2. You hereby agree that the method of payment once chosen is not subject to change after the moment of placing the order on the Site.

5.3. You hereby agree that an order paid for by electronic money, credit card, mobile phone account, bank transfer is confirmed only after the confirmation that a corresponding amount of money has been written off in favor of this order.

5.4. You confirm that payment of the order by electronic money, credit card, from the mobile phone account shall be effected within 5 (5) calendar days from the moment of its generation on the Site. You agree that if an order has not been paid after this period, the order may be canceled.

5.5. The goods of the Site are delivered by the following means: the delivery service (courier delivery or delivery to the collection points), mail delivery by DHL services, Business lines, SDEK, PEC and Russian Post. You are free to choose any convenient delivery method according to your region/country delivery conditions or your preferences.

5.6. You agree that the impossibility of handing over the goods to you due to your fault, including your violation of proper timing and period during which you are obliged to accept the goods, will be considered by the Site as your refusal to accept the goods. The goods in this case are returned to the Site and the order is deemed canceled.

5.7. In case of your refusal of the goods, as well as in case of absence of the ordered goods, the amount prepaid for the goods, excluding the delivery costs incurred by the Site, will be returned to you no later than 10 (ten) calendar days after the date of submission of the relevant claim.

5.8. All questions related to the terms and conditions of delivery can be addressed to the owner of the Site at the following e-mail address:

6. Responsibility.

6.1. The Site services may contain links to other resources. You acknowledge and agree that the Site undertakes no responsibility for the availability of these resources and for their content, as well as for any consequences associated with your use of the content of these resources.

6.2. You also agree that the Site is not responsible for any personal information that you provide to third parties resources and/or other third parties resources you may visit through the links posted on the Site.

6.3. You confirm that the Site is not responsible for the possible loss and/or damage of data that may result from your breach of the present Agreement, as well as incorrect access and/or use of personalized services of the Site.

6.4. Responsibility for the actions of juveniles, including the purchase of goods from the catalog on the Site, rests with the legal representatives of juveniles.

6.5. You agree that, the Site is not responsible for improper performance of its obligations to sell and/or deliver the goods in case of default and/or caused by your provision of incorrect and/or invalid personal data, as well as your failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

7. Details of the Site owner

Varvikas OÜ

Address: Estonia, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Katusepapi tn 4/1, 11412

Tel.: + 372 610 42 69
Registry Code: 14760743
VAT number: EE102176285