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Алмазные картины по дереву «Мир животных»
Картины посвящены естественной красоте животного мира.
Diamond paintings on wood «World of Animal»
The paintings are dedicated to the natural beauty of the animal world.

Diamond paintings
on wood
«Sweet life»
Craving something sweet? These tiny snacks are here for you!
Diamond paintings on wood «Sweet life»
Craving something sweet? These tiny snacks are here for you!

Diamond paintings on wood «Green Corner»
What could be simpler and more expressive than art? Just a variety of shapes and bright colors.
Diamond paintings on wood «Art Studio»
Create your own cozy corner

Diamond paintings on wood «Favourite pets»
Our cute little and most loyal friends

Collection «True Wonders»
Thea are real.....

The base of the diamond painting is made out of wood.
Its durability and wear resistance is ensured by three-stage wood impregnation.
Wooden Base
The adhesive glue base is an important element on which diamond rhinestones are attached. It contains non-toxic hypoallergenic certified adhesive from ZDSResin (Switzerland).
Adhesive Base
Kwadratowe cyrkonie
Rhinestones are made of jewelry resin (ILAC, Australia). A distinctive feature of the mosaic is the patented technology of cutting each rhinestone.
The final touches in the set are:
  • Stylus
  • Silicone
  • Step by step instructions
  • Magnet
  • String to hang it
  • A wooden stand
Each set contains everything you need to create your masterpiece. We are incredibly attentive to the selection and quality of all materials.
Assembling a diamond mosaic on a wood is easy and fun
Our philosophy
Hobby is an energy that lights a fire in the eyes and becomes a significant part of our lives. With Varvikas you will know what your soul needs, you will know how to immerse yourself in an exciting journey called "your favorite hobby."
We work to make your free time enjoyable
An endless journey to the best version of yourself, whether you are a sophisticated expert or a dreamy amateur. This makes every day happier by giving exceptional moments filled with a special meaning of creation. When you create something of high-quality, new and unique, there is a desire to share it with the world, with loved ones, sharing a piece of your soul with them . We are inspired by the masterpieces of world arts, and the success of emerging artists. We encourage you to reveal different aspects of your personality.
We believe that every person is talented
We know that you want to make your loved ones happy. With Varvikas creative products it is even easier and more fun. After all, each set for creativity is a fantastic gift. With our products it is so easy to go beyond the ordinary, arranging an unforgettable leisure time for yourself or for your loved ones.
There is a whole palette of directions, styles and designs in front of you - choose and enjoy by gifting yourself and your loved ones sets of creativity. Whether it's your first teacher or your beloved girlfriend.
We give priceless moments of creativity
Our products will become a favorite element of your decor. Plots with delicate ballerinas will decorate the baby’s nursery, the pop art collection will set the right mood in the loft of an ambitious millennial, and pictures with cities of the world will take you from a house party straight to the streets of Paris.
We help to focus on a special style of interior
Why choose us?
Why choose us?
In the life of the company Varvikas art is not a hobby, but the philosophy of the brand. Designers follow trends and create iconic collaborations with world-famous artists: Richard McNeil, Olga Legeida, Elena Vavilova, Leonid Afremov, Sienna Summers transferring their plots to canvases of paintings by numbers and diamond paintings
We support ECO-trend and stand guard for ecology. Therefore the paintings’ stretchers are made of dried pine, easels of beech, and packaging of craft paper. In the manufacture processes we use oak, hardboard, polystyrene and Spanish merino wool
The advertising department gives a 20 — year warranty on the products to each retail customer and is ready to exchange the goods or send the missing pieces regardless of the date of purchase of the goods
The company does not stagnate and strives for new opportunities every day. As a result, our main value is a meticulous processing of the plots by Art Lab designers, adjusting all the details manually at macro and micro levels. Artists carefully select colors and shades
Artists collaboration
We are ECO-friendly
We carefully control quality
We are working on the plots
  • Linda
    Very interesting and fascinating mosaic. A 6-year-old child liked it, now she can't stop assembling it) we will also order ourselves as an adult.
  • Henry
    Enjoyed the process and the result itself! The picture turned out beautiful. It's a pity the  photo doesn't show how beautifully the stars shine! The set itself is very high quality, canvas, rhinestones, stylus, gel ... There are a lot of rhinestones left. Thanks a lot!
  • Hannarin
    Just amaaaaazing. Very bright. It sparkles like snowy frost. Without any defect, all rhinestones come in extra. Well glued base. Thank you so much for the joy of the process. Highly recommend!
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