Harbingers of miracle

Feel magic atmosphere with a line of fabulous toys and please your loved ones
Where did the trend to decorate the Christmas tree with toys and garlands come from? There is a beautiful legend about the Christmas Tree: “When the Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a new bright star lit up in the sky, as if welcoming a wonderful holiday - Christmas. Neighboring shepherds and wise men hurried to the light of the Star of Bethlehem, birds and animals rushed to the newborn from all over the world, plants also brought their gifts to the baby.
The last to come was Christmas tree - after all, its path from the North. Oh, how far! It approached and stood modestly on the sidelines. "Why don't you want to come in?" everyone was surprised. “I would like to,” it answered, “but I’m afraid that I have nothing to please the Infant Jesus. What I have? Only pine cones, hard and tasteless. Moreover, the resin is so sticky that you can’t peel it off. I’d rather look at the baby from afar, otherwise I’ll inadvertently frighten him or prick him with my needles. ”
And then the plants shared their gifts with the spruce. Apples blushed on its branches, flower bells rang, dandelions covered prickly needles with silvery soft fluff. Christmas Tree rejoiced, grew bolder and went up to the baby. Seeing the beauty, little Jesus smiled. And the Star of Bethlehem flared brightly right above its top. Since then, the legend says, Spruce remains green all year round, and once a year it comes to every house and pleases children and adults with its festive attire. Christmas decorations denote good symbols, in which different traditions are intertwined.
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