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Invented in 2006, zentangle has conquered the world. Zentangle is a new form of art that combines several directions at once: creativity, meditation, pleasure, and a way to create original drawings that can decorate almost anything with its interesting pattern.
Unlike similar doodling art techniques, which involve completely intuitive drawing, zentangle works usually consist of some kind of repeating patterns. Many patterns can be combined in one drawing, and the technique itself is quite free and intuitive. It can be mastered by anyone who knows how to hold a pencil or pen in their hands. Even if you think that you can't draw at all, zentangles can create original and very interesting works - perhaps this is where you should start learning.
Zentangle was officially registered as a form of art in 2006. Its founders are Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Maria Thomas is a type and calligraphy artist. Rick is a former monk who knows a lot about meditation. The story says that one day they discovered that Maria being immersed in the process of drawing, is in the same state that Rick during meditation. Maria and Rick thought they could create a simple system for people to enjoy this activity. This is how the zentangle appeared (zen is the Buddhist name for the concept of “path” in the sense of the path of development, tangle is confusion, curls).
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