"Traveler's Post Cards"

Exciting journey to this wonderful world!
An amazing jigsaw puzzle is more than two centuries old. A member of the Royal Geographical Society - John Spilsbury - glued the geographical map to the board, sawed it into separate pieces, mixed the sawed pieces and invited the students to assemble the map again. This is how the first puzzles appeared. John Spilsbury's first puzzle maps were on sale in 1766. Initially they were used for educational purposes, for example, when children studied geography.

Today, puzzles are still a popular tool used for leisure time, which is especially loved not only by children, but also by adults. Puzzle manufacturers do not stand still, they constantly offer something new, and their "creations" are very successful. There are more and more new collections, the variety of which will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

While traveling, we get to know the world, learn about different cultures, look at truly greatest achievements of humanity. And, of course, you want to keep memories of every trip.

A postcard in the form of a wooden puzzle is ideal solution for it.
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