Assembly video of Wooden Puzzle
"Puppy Corgi" PW032e

This video tutorial provides a detailed instruction on how to assemble the wooden puzzle "Corgi Puppy" model PW032e. The set contains 300 pieces that need to be properly assembled to create the finished product. The assembled puzzle measures 30x34 cm. The video begins with an introduction to the set and its contents. You will see all the puzzle pieces, as well as the tape that will be used to secure the finished work. Then we will move on to the assembly process itself. We will consider how to properly connect the puzzle pieces, how to follow the assembly order. Next, you will have the opportunity to see each step of the assembly in detail. We will show you how to properly position and connect each piece, how to take into account the orientation and location of the elements on the puzzle. After completing the assembly, we will demonstrate the final result and show you how to secure the finished work using the provided tape. This video tutorial is intended for people who enjoy assembling wooden puzzles. We hope that our detailed instructions will help you enjoy the assembly process and achieve a high-quality result.