Collection «Spring euphoria»

In the world there is nothing more beautiful than flowers.
During the Renaissance, flowers became one of the main objects of the image. Pictures depicting bouquets of flowers symbolize life, beauty, love and prosperity. These are bright and beautiful works of art that are still in demand.
In the Baroque, flowers were often depicted in contrast with darkness to emphasize the beauty of their colors and shapes. Also in the Baroque, paintings depicting blossoming flowers were popular, which symbolised the transience of life and beauty.
In romanticism, flowers were used to express sensuality and emotion. Images of flowers in the paintings became even more vivid and saturated, which reflected the intensity of feelings and emotions.
In contemporary painting, flowers are still a popular subject. Artists often use them to create bright and colorful works of art that evoke positive emotions in viewers.
In general, flowers in painting are bright symbols of beauty, life and love. They continue to inspire artists to create new works of art that will delight us with their beauty and grace.
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