Collection «Space secrets»

Reach out and touch the universe. The collection is united by mystery and secret of the universe.
Space has always been a source of inspiration for artists of different eras and trends. Images of space in art can be abstract or realistic, but in any case, they reflect the grandeur and mystery of this world.
Here are some of the more common space-related symbols:
  1. Stars. They are often associated with the heavenly world and can represent hope, romance and mysticism.
  2. Moon symbolises female energy, fertility and inner wisdom.
  3. The sun is a symbol of life and light, as well as strength and energy.
  4. Planets. Each planet has its own unique symbolism. For example, Venus is associated with love and femininity, Mars with passion and action, and Jupiter with prosperity and growth.
  5. Galaxies and cosmic clouds - they can symbolize infinity, mysticism and transcendence.
  6. Black holes are a powerful force that can absorb everything that comes in its path.
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