Collection paintings by numbers «Catmania»

Have you never heard of "catmania"? Oh, these are amazing plots invented by the artist Irina Zenyuk!

The artworks of the famous artist from Minsk Irina Zenyuk is known in many countries of the world because of its unusual blue cats, that you immediately fall in love with. The designs amaze with their originality and most importantly, people can see themselves in them. According to the artist, this is what makes the "blue cats" so popular. Each picture is a situation from life, something you can laugh at and something you can just be touched by.

Irina Zenyuk is an architect by education and an works as an illustrator. She loves children, animals and her work. Her favorite paintings genre is catism. The images were loved so much by her fans that they were printed on postcards and are now being sent all around the world.

Irina also works as an illustrator for children books, and she finds it wonderful that thanks to her works, she can make the world a little bit brighter and happier.
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