Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Framed 16x20 inch - Full Drill Craft Rhinestone Beginner 5D Mosaic Kit for Home Wall Décor - 5D Diamond Dotz Bead Art - Flowers: Bright Peonies - by Varvikas

SKU: PG025
The DIY 5D Diamond Mosaic Picture Set includes everything you will need to complete your project - and extras in case pieces get lost.

The kit contains:
  • A stretched canvas covered with a sticky layer - for ease of attaching the diamond mosaics. The can be framed or hung as is.
  • Multi-colored diamond mosaics packed in numbered packages. Each package contains extra diamond dots.
  • A diamond plastic paste tray - to make your work easy and comfortable.
  • Tweezers and a stylus pen for pasting and arranging your diamond mosaic pieces.
  • Silicone stylus sticky glue.
  • A step-by-step colorful manual with a pattern guide.

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    The artwork retains the original brightness and vibrancy of the original painting, while coming to life with diamond dots mosaics. Perfect DIY Home Wall Decor Art Paint Kit!
    Relax and let go of stress in your life by focusing your energy on making art. Feel a sense of achievement when you are finished - after all, you've created a masterpiece.
    Pre-printed Streched Oil Canvas - Colorful Diamond Dotz Beads - Pen Like Tool - Gel - Guide.
    We make creating art easy - the numbers on diamond dot packages correspond to the numbers on the canvas. It is intuitive for children, adults and the elderly, and appropriate for both beginners and professional art kit.
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Ready to Get Started?

  1. Remove the protective clear film layer, revealing the patterned canvas that is coated with a sticky layer. You can detach the clear film layer piece by piece.
  2. Refer to the numbers on the canvas, which correspond to the numbers on the diamond mosaic packages. Use the stylus pen or the tweezers to pick up the mosaic diamond dots and place them on the canvas.
  3. Lay out the diamond mosaics on the canvas sequentially, according to the pattern.
  4. Your artwork is ready!
Choose your DIY 5D diamond mosaic picture and enjoy the process of making art - as well as the masterpiece you created with your own hands!