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✅ Relaxing and rewarding arts and crafts for adults: Enrich your free time with Tsvetnoy diamond art kits for adults and kids and feel your worries fade away as you make an art masterpiece all by yourself.
✅ Convenient: The perfectly stretched canvas has an easily readable code, a specially treated surface, and a protective film to simplify diamond painting for adults and kids. You save the time and expense of framing.
✅ Colorful and striking: The round, faceted diamond dots make your painting glow. The vibrant colors in our unique painting kits for adults produce beautiful decor for any room.
✅ All-in-one: Our 5D diamond painting kit includes a pre-printed canvas, diamond dots, a diamond pen tool, a wax pad, tweezers, hooks, a tray, and manuals. In short, all the diamond art accessories you need to paint by diamonds with ease.
✅ Handmade gift: Order our gem painting kit as a memorable gift or as a work of diamond art for kids and adults to create together. Have some family fun without screens!

Diamond art kit includes:
✅ pre-printed, stretched canvas;
✅ bags of colorful diamond dots;
✅ a diamond pen tool;
✅ a wax pad;
✅ tweezers;
✅ 2 hooks and 2 screws;
✅ a tray to work with diamond beads of 1 color;
✅ manuals in 15 languages + a QR code with clear video instructions;
✅ a hook;
✅ a wooden frame;
✅ gift packaging.

Difficulty level: 4

Number of colors: 21

Age restrictions: 12

lwh: 500x400x20 mm

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