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Gentle Flowers

✅ UNIQUE SUBJECTS: Tsvetnoy DIY painting kits for adults and kids offer EXQUISITE themes and scenes. You’ll relax after a hard day while you create your masterpiece. ✅ DESIGNER LAYOUT: Manually done contours with no tiny spaces or numbers make painting stress-free and enjoyable. You can complete Tsvetnoy adult paint-by-number kits on canvas by yourself or as a family project. ✅ VIVID, BRIGHT COLORS: The paints in our DIY paint-by-number kits for adults with frames will conceal the numbers entirely, and the vacuum packaging prevents them from drying out. Unlike oil painting kits, no mixing is required. ✅ DRUM-TIGHT CANVAS: Each beginner painting set for adults includes a cotton canvas with pre-printed color outlines. The expertly stretched, framed canvas won’t sag or come loose so that every picture will look professional. ✅ OUTSTANDING GIFT: The paint-by-number for adults framed canvas comes will all supplies and instructions. Order our number painting set NOW to brighten up your mundane life!

Сложность: 4

Комплектация текст: Tsvetnoy DIY painting kits come in GIFT BOXES and include: ✅ An expertly stretched natural cotton canvas; ✅ Safe acrylic paints of the right consistency and intensity, so the result is compelling and

Кол-во цветов: 24

Возрастные ограничения: 12

lwh: 400x300x25 mm