We develop and provide wholesale kits for mosaic paintings on canvas and wooden frame

Diamond embroidery and mosaic paintings

Our kit for mosaic painting allows creating a wonderful gift or decoration for the interior. Each bead of the mosaic has a diamond cut that makes the ready work play colour and shine.
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Why our diamond paintings are the best?

Resin beads of various shapes and cuts
We use various forms and cuts of resin beads in our kits. The beads are selected specifically for each theme of mosaics and can be glittering, matte, monotonous and pearl, diamond-cut and simply round, contain large crystals of complex forms.
A canvas with adhesive layer and photo print
We use high quality canvas. Our canvas do not worn out, fade in colour or get scratched over time. The canvas is already stretched on a wooden stretcher and has a printed 3D frame. The quality of the printing on the canvas has the brightness and contrast characteristics of the photo printing.
The adhesive layer is health safe and secure
Observing our production technology diamond embroidery of kits we apply the adhesive layer to the canvas only where it is necessary to affix beads. Our glue is formaldehyde-free, nontoxic, and odourless. Due to the homogeneous and dense structure of the canvas, the mosaic is fixed firmly and does not fall off with time.
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New collection on monthly base

We develop our themes jointly with the authors under the license agreement. Working together with the author on the diamond layout we get an amazing result. The mosaic painting conveys the entire palette and design of the artist.
Legal Security: Our themes are created together with the authors based of license agreements. All customs duties for the goods are paid. We will provide invoices with the real numbers of Customs Cargo Declarations, so that you can trade quietly without fear for fines and confiscations.
The catalogue of diamond mosaics
"Ballet dancers"
By TM "Varvikas" and Olga Legeida. All paintings size 30 x 40 cm.
The ballerinas in diamond mosaics became bestsellers at BuyBrand Expo 2017 and Craft Formula 2017 Live and very moving plots were created by us together with Olga Legeida. Olga herself painted the painting «The Little Ballerina» from her daughter. That's probably why our customers are so charmed by this theme.
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Why the final layout of diamond paintings
by TM "Varvikas" is the best?
The photo presents the latest versions of the layout launched into mass production. Each theme goes through a cycle: layout by the designer, inlay, product-manager approval, the focus group or the author approval. If we are not satisfied with the result, we perform a layout in other colors, sizes, pallet of colors, partial or complete version. It happens that a theme never gets into production if the result in the final layout is not entirely perfect. Thus, unsurpassed paintings by the mosaic TM «Varvikas» appear.

Photos of approved versions of layout
  • What is diamond painting?
    Diamond painting is a kind of mosaic art created by sticking small sparkling resin diamonds with different number of facets on canvas according to printed on its surface scheme.
  • How to do a diamond painting?
    All diamond paintings suppliers provide detailed instructions on the process. Steps are easy to follow: you stick diamonds on corresponding places according to provided scheme onto the canvas using a special pen from the kit.
  • How to frame diamond painting?
    Our diamond paintings do not require any frames. As diamond painting supplier we garantee that your paintings are sold framed with high quality wooden material and you do not have to bother about painting framing anymore.
  • Who makes the best diamond painting kits?
    Best diamond painting suppliers grade depending on materials quality and uniqueness of plots designed: TM Varvikas stands out advantageusely thanks to our own Art Laboratory and production cycles which polish our product creation skills. Our company excells in plot design, manufacturing processes and experiments constantly with new products and ideas. We are the world's leaders in diamond paintings offering 21 facets' crystals responsible for exceptional sparkling of our diamond paintings while standard number of facets usually counts from 9 to 16 or 19 facets, quiet modest sparkling effect as result. Other well known diamond painting supplier to mention is Diamond Dotz with its interesting design ideas and satisfying material quality, developping honorably its catalogue over time.
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The collection of diamond paintings "Street Lamps"
Full layout. Jointly with Yulia Yumaeva.
Diamond paintings "Live bouquets"
Full layout. Jointly with Elena Vavilina.
Quality assurance for mosaic paintings
We guarantee high quality. In case your clients receive defective goods we exchange it under free delivery conditions.
Our kits contain a diamond beads packed and marked with a special machine. This avoids a large number of defective items having less number of required beads or wrong colour added or one missing colour or marked some beads package incorrectly. The beads are packaged in a tape with convenient markings and arranged in colour. A kit contains additional zip bags to save the mosaic after opening the factory packaging. Such packaging allows us to be confident in the quality of our product and guarantee the final consumer the pleasure of buying our creative kit.
Diamond mosaics by TM „Varvikas"
Automated packaging allows to produce high quality kits avoiding defected items

Production of diamond paintings

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