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Painting By Numbers
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Painting By Numbers
This product is designed for your hobby and handicraft art. Every kit is provided with full accessory and makes up a perfect gift. With this in hand you no longer need any special artistic skill to create an awesome painting to decorate your place or give somebody a special DIY present.
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Painting by Numbers Kit contents

The kit includes all accessories you need to create a painting.
Standard and Premium Options
Standard or Premium Painting By Numbers Options -
up to your choice
  • cotton canvas on a pine wood stretcher
  • acrylic paints wrapped in vacuum bagging film
  • wall hanger
  • convenient box with handle
  • 3 nylon brushes, plastic handles
  • black-and-white numbered print on canvas
  • cotton canvas on a pine wood stretcher
  • acrylic paints wrapped in vacuum bagging film
  • wall hanger
  • convenient box with handle and transparent window
  • 3 nigh quality nylon brushes, wooden handles
  • coloured numbered print on canvas
  • two top coats
  • coloured instructions manual
  • coloured checklist
  • artistic techniques
Over 600 themes always in stock
Every month our Moscow warehouse receives new theme releases for Painting By Numbers. A professional team of designers and artists works on creating and selecting new themes and motifs. Our new arrivals of Premium Option kits always feature 5 to 10 same theme paintings, thus providing a wide assortment for your retail buyers. We then analyze sales in our retail stores and support permanent availability of the best-selling kits only. This way, we ensure having only the most popular kits available in our stock in sufficient amount.
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We sell over 15.000 Paint By Numbers kits monthly. We guarantee that we will replace a defective product to your doorstep. This can only be ensured by means of thorough quality supervision in our manufactory.
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