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TM "Varvikas"

Collection "Dachshunds"

By Tatyana Timoshina
"Hello! I am Tatyana Timoshina. I live in the capital of Kuzbahs- Kemerovo. As a child I was fond of painting like many children did, but I happened to choose the accounting profession and dedicated 36 years to banking.

I always felt attraction to decorative arts and when retired I finally gave vent to it. I basically focus on dot and stained-glass paintings, decoupage and batik. All these are contributed by water colours Zentangle, intuitive acrylic painting on wood and other.

Being already a 57-year old woman I finished the evening department of art school. Why I am telling this? To underline that studies are never late. Nothing to be afraid of! Never say "My train has gone, I am lost". Your aspiration makes it all. Never rest on your laurels! Do progress, do strive ahead!"

Tatiana Timoshina

Painting by numbers "Dachshunds"

Tatyana Timoshina and TM "Tsventnoy" offer a collection of painting kits in size 10×15 cm.
Kits include paints, a brush, mini easel.
To get more information on painting by numbers and diamond paintings visit our website

Diamond paintings "Dachshunds"

Tatyana Timoshina and TM "Tsventnoy" offer a collection of diamond painting kits. The kits include beads, layout tools, a canvas, a picture frame.
Learn more about the author from a booklet in every kit
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