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TM "Varvikas"
Sailboats and umbrella
Tatyana Zhelatysheva
"Ever since I was a child I was living and breathing by creative works. However it did occur neither to my parents nor even to me to devote myself to the profession of an artist. My life turned me to try various paths: a telegraphist, a nurse in a children garden, computer operator, a commercial director in a company, a chief manager in a furniture shop, and finally my own business. Even as a general worker, even when raking with shovel in crops of alfalfa I would be peering in the flowers and painting them in my mind. In the age of 34 I got this clear understanding of what I want to do in my life. So I entered an interior design faculty. At times a thought was swirling through my mind: "Well, I`d pick up my pension and turn to painting". When at my 44 I came across an advertising of a course of right-brain drawing and asked myself: "Why should I wait so long?" Now I am 47 and I am a living proof of how one can start drawing at any age. My paintings are accepted in personal collections of Russia.
Do not delay — go ahead, create!"


Tatiana Zheltysheva
TM "Varvikas"

Painting by numbers by Tatyana Zhelatysheva

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