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TM "Varvikas"

Collection "Beasties"

By Inga Izmaylova in painting by numbers and diamond paintings
"I live and breathe by freedom and power. I celebrate dawns and picture sunsets, stroll through the mountains and then mountains stroll through my night dreams. I love every live tissue, all vital and viable. I picture my Beasties being at leisure and every next leisure of mine would come to replace the previous. My best goal is to make my Beasties enjoy themselves to this end I use laughter and smile.

I was in that spirits of drawing since I can remember myself as a child. It would come naturally as breathing or walking or hearing. When looking at something I would just fix in my mind these transitions of light, shadows and their density and shades. Playing so I would open my mind and progress, contributing so to my imagination. This is the reason why I am painting almost forty years…"

Painting by numbers "Beasties"

Inga Izmaylova and TM "Varvikas" introduce new collection in premium format.
All pictures 20×30 cm sized

Diamond painting "Beasties"

Inga Izmaylova and TM "Varvikas" introduce new collection.
All paintings 20×30 cm. size
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