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TM "Varvikas"

Collection "Live bouquets"

By Elena Vavilina in painting by numbers and diamond mosaics
"I am Elena Vavilina, I was born on February 1978 in Kuybyshev, in picturesque village Krasnaya Glinka. I started my art education as a nine year old child attending art school. Later I proceeded in the university with the faculty of arts and graduated with honours diploma.

Some years after my graduation I would keep on my painting practice, but in 2005 my creative work lessen gradually to null. I turned to paint and brushes again in 2012 under repeatedly and even urging insistence of my family. Two years down the road I made up my mind to give master classes for people feeling this artistic bent and willing to enjoy the performance of water colour painting.

Now my works are mostly dedicated to the theme of flowers — bouquets in vases and jugs. Water colours technique is not that simple in performance but its lightness and transparency is a strong appeal. It conveys to painting this airiness and grace. Such paintings perfectly fit into modern apartments adding no excessive weight to the walls. This technique enables to inspire life into a painting and make it play lights and dark, this is how it wins me.

Theme of flowers is not the only subject we try with my pupils on my master classes, we try landscapes as well or themes of holiday cards coming to a date or a season.

My works serve to decorate houses in various countries and cities. I enjoy receiving warm references from people fond of my works.

Apart from paintings on paper, my works are popular as illustrations. It is really great to see your bouquets in painting by numbers or embroidery or on cards and other printed matters.

Love painting and arts!"

Elena Vavilina

Diamond painting
"Live bouquets"

Elena Vavilina and TM "Varvikas" introduce new collection. Every painting 40×50 cm. sized

Painting by numbers
"Live bouquets"

Elena Vavilina and TM "Varvikas" introduce new premium collection. Every painting 40×50 cm. sized
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