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TM "Varvikas"

Let`s create kits for handicrafts and hobby together

We produce author based gift kits
TM "Varvikas" designs and produces gift kits for handicraft and hobby. Best creative authors in paintings and design help us in this business.

If you are good in painting or embroidery and other needlework, if your works are popular with social media, give us your contacts and our product manager will connect with you to discuss the opportunity to create a collection based on your works.
Working with us
We successfully cooperate with a number of authors during many years
Willing to work with us?
Send us your application and start your creative work with us.
Why working with us is a benefit?
Work with us and people will learn both about your works and you as a creative author.
Page on the site
We will develop and publish on our site a special page telling about you. This page is sure to become a good case in your portfolio. The page will show pictures and texts about you and your works. Moreover it will give all links to your profiles in social media and a link to your site.
A flyer in every kit.
Every kit based on your author work will be provided with a flyer containing full information telling about you as the author, showing all links to your social media pages.
We have millions of clients all over the world. So everyone who purchased a kit based on your author work will probably want to cooperate with you in various ways.
досудебная защита ваших авторских прав
Your creative work comes recognized by every seller in our shops all over the country. So they are telling about you to our clients and they in their turn worship your creative work when performing their own handiwork following you. Your works will decorate hundreds of houses
досудебная защита ваших авторских прав
Copyright security
Once we sign an exclusive contract with you we become an interested party to secure your author`s rights and protect your works from unauthorized use. More than that if it comes to a dispute we help you to compose a pretrial claim and settle the dispute in a pretrial custom. We repay to our authors all proceedings collected as charges from pirates. In case you need to bring up a suit against them we will represent you and file the case to court. The reimbursement proceeding thereof is also to your benefit less the court charges incurred.
Social media
On our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook we always share the info about our authors. We post links to your profile and your works. This is sure to attract the target group of people to value true merits of your creative work.
An old friend is worth two new ones
Once your clients already trust you it is always much easier to introduce something new. Your new creative works are finding their admirers much sooner with our collections and products. So your works will be introduced in kits by TM „Varvikas"on regular basis.
Our products

We produce kits for handicraft and hobbies

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